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Ground clearance and weed suppression


Weed suppression Project - Before


Weed suppression - After

Garden Project

We were briefed to clear the overgrown shrubs and create an easy to maintain front garden. The natural light was being blocked from the front garden and the rooms at the front of the home. It was found there was an infestation of vine weed which needed to be cleared and treated too. The shrubs were cut down and the roots removed. Landscape matting was placed over the whole area and covered with a good depth of Cotswold Chippings. The waste was cleared from site and disposed of in accordance with eco friendly compliancy. The customer now enjoys a much lighter living environment and plans to fill the garden with colourful plants in attractive containers.


Garden Project - Before


Garden Project - After

Garden 401

Lynn understands our requirements perfectly. She keeps it neat and tidy, also allowing nature to 'do its own thing' which is how we like it. The fish pond is lovely and the goldfish have bred (2 years running). The frogs also find it a great place to chill out. The decking area is a lovely place to sit at any time of the day/evening and is better than the overgrown conifers. Thanks Lynn for your ideas and hard work.."

Garden 401 Outhouse Garden 401 Path
Garden 401 Lawn Garden 401 Pond

Garden 402

We were originally very happy with our attractive Japanese-style garden when we moved in, but the arrival of our daughter, and her love of eating the stones, meant the garden was unusable without supervision! We considered rounding up family and friends to help transform it, but when we started thinking about exactly what would be involved, we knew we couldn't do it ourselves and turned to John. John and Lynn's work to transform it into the more simple garden we needed, was completed amazingly quickly, efficiently and with no fuss. We are so happy to have our lovely lawn, and our daughter - and rabbit - love being able to run around without us watching every move! John's ongoing maintenance service keeps everything in trim for us, we are very happy to have a garden in which we can all relax as a family." (Natalie and Matt, Knaphill, Woking)


Project 402 - Before #1

Project 402 - Before #2


Project 402 - After #1

Project 402 - After #2


Garden 403

We asked Lynn for her advice on how to turn our neglected and rather overgrown back garden into something which would not just look better but also suit us as a family. She was full of great ideas and the end result is a beautiful and relaxing garden and is just what we had hoped for. She and John did all the hard work, sourced all the supplies, kept within budget and were helpful and friendly throughout."


Project 403 - Before #1


Project 403 - After #1
Project 403 - Before #2 Project 403 - After #2
Project 403 - Before #3 Project 403 - After #3
Project 403 - After #4

Garden 409


Project 409 - Before #1


Project 409 - After #1
Project 409 - Before #2 Project 402 - After #2
Project 409 - Before #3 Project 409 - After #3
Project 409 - After #4